Stay Warm on Winter Bike Rides

Don’t let cold, snowy weather keep you off your bike, winter riding can be one of the most enjoyable times to go for a nice relaxing ride. In order to truly enjoy winter bike rides, you have to stay warm but keep your ability to remain mobile. Often times, winter riders will layer up to the point that they can barely move their hands, legs, and arms. This restricts the rider’s movement and can slow their reaction time which can be a serious problem on slick roads. Here are our top five ways to stay warm on winter bike rides without sacrificing the rider’s movement.

  • Hands and Feet- Your hands and feet get cold before any other part of your body. Wool socks and a thick hiking boot should be able to keep your feet warm in chilly conditions but if it’s really cold, double layer your socks and make sure there is still enough room for your toes to move around in your boots. Your hands need insulation as well, but they also need to be able to move around and grip the bike handles. Our Haze Winter Gloves will give you sufficient insulation while allowing you to grip your bike handles throughout your entire winter bike  ride.
  • Coat- A nice, warm, well insulated coat is one of the most important accessories you can get to stay warm on winter bike rides. A loose, wind resistant jacket, like our Cross Wind jackets for men and women, will help keep your body dry and warm. These jackets are also equipped with reflective accents to ensure your safety during night winter bike rides.
  • Legs- While your torso needs an extra layer of insulation to stay warm, your legs are constantly moving and producing body heat. Rain pants can get in the way or get caught in the chain, which is why we recommend wear thing, wind resistant pants with knee warmers.
  • Head- Without the proper head gear, wind chill and snow can make winter bike riding difficult and uncomfortable. Some winter bikers like to wear a protective helmets with a visor attached to make it easier to see. An added layer of insulation, like a beanie, can also help keep your head, neck, and ears warm during treacherous winter riding.
  • Layer Wisely- If you layer up too much you run the risk of overheating and losing mobility. Not layering up enough and you risk hypothermia and numbness to your extremities. Make sure you check the weather and wind chill before you head out on your bike ride, this will help you determine the appropriate amount of layers you should have on to stay warm on winter bike rides.

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