Riding Through the Winter

As we reach the heart of the winter season, getting out to ride requires a little more motivation for some. Harsh storms and freezing temperatures may get the best of us, but there’s always a plethora of warm destinations to ride. Whether it’s America’s great Southwest or the warm and humid air of Florida, there’s always a spot to skip winter and hit the trails. So call in sick at the office, grab your Club Ride apparel and hit the road, we’re heading south in search of the top places to beat winter and take a spin.

Dirt Trail and Desert Destinations

Like we said, America’s Southwest offers a lot of warm places to ride, from sunny California to the Arizona desert. We’ve composed a quick list of destinations to skip the cold so you can get out and roll because the avid rider doesn’t just sit and wait!

  • Arizona’s Sedona Desert – The Sedona Desert offers great weather throughout the year with beautiful scenery and features tracks like Dove Mountain. With cacti to dodge and a mix of surfaces, these desert conditions call for a prepared pedaler.
  • Southern Utah – With places like Gooseberry Mesa and Moab, it’s no wonder Utah’s south is a destination for any rider, as it offers trails for everyone. Scenic and warm, Southern Utah has got it all.
  • Boulder City, Baby! – Keeping up with the Southwest trend, Boulder City in Nevada offers a range of trails in Bootleg Canyon and is just a short drive from Cottonwood trails. You can hit the Vegas strip on your way too!
  • Central Florida – We know even beginners look to escape harsh winters too, and Central Florida offers trails for all types of riders with the Santos trails. Featuring tracks through a pine forest to give you a break from those desert destinations.

While we’ve chosen some of the best trails around to beat the cold temps, Southern California and Oregon also offer great trails year round. With so many options, there’s no reason to stare out the window and dream of riding—make it happen!

Hit the Trails!

Now that we’ve done some of the work for you, it’s time to get out and ride. Make sure to check out our website for some warm riding apparel. As winter progresses, don’t let your bike sit and gather dust. Brush off the cobwebs and hit the open road—your warm destination is waiting.