Emergency Pack for All Day Bike Ride

Nothing is more fun and relaxing than taking a day off and hitting the trail on your mountain bike. Spending an entire day out on a mountain bike trail may be fun, but it can also be dangerous. Because of this, it is important to pack wisely and to bring emergency gear along with you just in case your ride doesn’t go over as well as you had hoped. Here is what we here at Club Ride recommend you throw in your emergency pack before you jump on your bike and hit the open trail.

  • Bike Repair Supplies 

  • Getting a flat tire or breaking a chain out on the trail can be extremely frustrating, especially if you have already ridden miles into the trail. This is why it is important to bring along a couple spare bike tire tubes and an extra chain just in case. Of course, you will also need to bring the tools to repair the bike as well, luckily many companies have developed lightweight all-in-one tools to make packing repair supplies easy.
  • Extra Clothes 

    Packing an extra pair of pants and an extra shirt can come in handy if you get wet and need to change clothes. Even during the warm winter months, it can drop close to freezing at night in high altitude mountain bike trails. If you get stuck overnight without extra clothes, you could be in for a rough night’s sleep. One of our Club Ride jackets will keep you warm and comfortable in the case of this event.


    Extra Food

    No one plans on getting lost when they are mountain biking, but it is always best to be prepared in case the unexpected occurs. If you get lost and stranded off the trail, extra food and water could literally save your life. We recommend that you pack a water filtration device as well. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

    First Aid Kit

    The item in your emergency bag you will utilize most is probably going to be your first aid kit. Even if you are a professional, odds are you are going to at least get a few minor cuts or abrasions while on the trail. It is important to clean up and bandage any wound you get out on the trail to prevent any potential infections.

    Map and Compass 

    Always bring a map of the area you are riding and a compass with you when you hit the open trail. Consider tracing over the trail with a marker on the map to help you recognize where you are at all times. A compass can come in handy if you take a wrong turn or accidentally stray from the trail.

    Flashlight and Matches

    If you end up getting stranded on the trail overnight and the temperature begins to drop, having the ability to build a fire could protect you from the cold. Waterproof matches and a flashlight will help you be prepared if you find yourself in a difficult situation at night.

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