Bike Mag Tested: Club Ride Shaka Flannel and Rider Pant

Great Review by Cy Whitling of our Rider Pant and Shaka Flannel over at Bike Mag.  Below is a snippet of the article and a great perspective of the different types of fashionistas in the mountain bike world!

"It feels like mountain biking is constantly stuck in a fashion battle between the overly-serious bros in their heavily branded Skittle colored kits, and the “too cool to look cool” crowd who obsess over looking like they don’t take this sport too seriously. This Club Ride kit strikes a nice balance. Yes, any other mountain biker will immediately clock you as a fellow rider. And yes, it performs nicely on the trail. But it’s nice and subtle, and blends in casually as well. So if you’re looking for a lightweight fall kit, the Shaka/Rider combo is a great place to start."

Club Ride Shaka Jump