Women's Bike Chamois Shorts

Chamois Levels Explained


These are typically designed for short to moderate rides. Lightweight chamois pads are thinner and less dense, offering basic cushioning without the bulkiness. They're suitable for riders who prefer light padding or those new to mountain biking. The focus is on moisture management and minimizing chafing, with enough support for comfort on rides lasting up to 2 hours.

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This category offers a step up in both thickness and density of the padding, catering to intermediate riders or those embarking on longer rides. The All Around chamois provide better shock absorption and comfort, suitable for varied terrain encountered in mountain biking. These are designed for moderate endurance rides, generally comfortable for durations between 2 to 5 hours. The materials used often have higher breathability and moisture-wicking properties to handle increased sweat and heat.

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The highest level, designed for long-distance riders and those seeking maximum comfort and protection. The Endurance chamois pads are the thickest and most dense, providing the best shock absorption and pressure distribution. They are engineered for extended rides over challenging terrain, suitable for over 5 hours in the saddle. Advanced materials and technologies are used for optimal moisture management, breathability, and anti-bacterial properties.

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Women's Montcham Endurance 3D Gel Chamois 8"

From huge days of single track adventures in Fruita or Moab, to epic Gravel Adventures in Kansas, the Montcham is a perfect chamois to have in your quiver.

all around

Women's Drift 3D Trail to Town Chamois 5"

From moderate length single track adventures in Pisgah or Bentonville, to recreational riding down the greenway with the kids, the Drift is a perfect chamois to have in your quiver.


Women's June Ultra-Light Commute to Trail Chamois 3"

From pub crawling with your gal crew, to indoor spin class, to riding with friends in the techy trails of Hurricane Utah where you're standing more than sitting, the June is a perfect chamois for you.