Recycled Collection

For 15 years, our pursuit of excellence in materials has defined our commitment to quality. At Club Ride, we believe that the true essence of clothing lies in its fabric, and we are steadfast in our dedication to reducing impact on the planet by using sustainable textiles.

Our mission to empower life around two wheels also comes with the responsibility of fostering positive influence. We continuously evaluate our footprint, and our goal is to have 90% of our clothing manufactured under recycled standards.

The latest addition to our recycled collection is the Men's Rider Shorts and Pants, and Women's Joy Ride Shorts and Pants.

In our search for the finest technical and functional fabric, we began by blending rPET filaments with a touch of cotton. This carefully balanced blend adds a luxuriously soft hand feel and delivers all-day comfort, while the recycled polyester offers excellent durability, moisture-wicking and quick drying properties. We also added 11% spandex into the material weave, allowing better freedom of movement during activities by delivering optimal stretch and recovery while maintaining breathability.

What is recycled fabric made from?

Club Ride utilizes rPET - a sustainable alternative to virgin polyester. While virgin polyester is derived from crude oil and consumes excessive amounts of water and chemicals for its production, rPET is crafted from plastic bottles and boxes that are spun into polyester filaments.

This process not only grants a second, or sometimes even a third, life to non-biodegradable materials that would otherwise end in landfills but also significantly reduces water usage and chemical emissions, resulting in an overall lower carbon footprint. On average, 9 plastic bottles yield enough fibre to produce one shirt.