Quick Guide to Fix a Flat Tire on Your Bike

Quick Guide to Fix a Flat Tire on Your Bike

Your bike is tuned. You have your favorite Club Ride activewear on. The weather is perfect. You are ready to finally take biking seriously and go for a ride. After a few blocks, you look down and see one of a bikers’ worst nightmare: a flat tire. If you are a  beginner to the cycling realm, you need to know that chances are you will get a flat tire more often than not. Some may say you will become an expert and master the art of changing bike tires. Here is a quick guide to making this process an easy one.

  1. Be Prepared: Since flat tires are a friend of bikers, is smart that you alway carry the right tools. Pack a kit and don’t leave your house without it. You will need a new tube, bike levers, a pump and a patch kit.

  1. Remove the Inner Tube: To make this an easy process, remove the wheel from the bike and let out as much air as possible. Use one of the levers to pop one bead off the rim with the round side and hook the other end of the lever onto the spoke. Place the second lever under the bead that is to the right of the first one. Clockwise, slide it around the rim until one bead is off. Pull the tube out of the tire.

  1. Find the Leak: Inflate the tube to find the leak and avoid future flat tires. Clean the tire from anything that may have caused the damage.

  1. Replace the Tube: You can replace or patch  Align the tire label with the valve hole on the rim. Inflate the tube to ensure it holds air. Place the valve into the rim and insert the tube into the tire. Be careful not to pinch the tube with the rim. Inflate the tube again and make sure the tire is properly placed. Last, inflate the tire and get to riding!

Remember that practice makes perfect. The more you ride the more flat tires you will have to change and eventually, you will quickly be able to do them in no time! If you are going to ride often, make sure you have the right apparel and biking accessories to step into the cycling world. Visit Club Ride online store. We offer activewear that can be both stylish and technical.