What to Wear Underneath: InnerWear for Men

What you wear under your outfit—whether it’s cycling-specific gear, shorts and a t-shirt, or a tuxedo—can make or break your ride, even if you’re just rolling downtown to run a few errands. Thankfully, Club Ride has you covered with a wide array of undergarments made to keep you comfortable on the bike, no matter what your ride situation is. Gentlemen, meet your new friends. 


Woodchuck Bike Chamois InnerWear

For the men who love to mountain bike or need something to wear underneath long tights on winter road rides, the Woodchuck is your go-to option. The wide waistband makes for comfortable shorts—even when you’re wearing another set of pants or baggies over the top—while the 9-inch inseam makes them wearable even without a second layer. Heading into the colder months, the Woodchuck is great for a longer commute to work under dress pants, a road ride under tights without their own chamois, or even on the trainer, without anything else, on those really nasty days where riding outside isn’t an option. The chamois itself is a great thickness—8mm—and is made to be anti-microbial and well-ventilated, while a gel insert pad adds to comfort levels. 


Subtlety is the aim in the aptly named Gunslinger shorts. If you’re looking for a pair of shorts to wear under your shorts for a bike ride, these are the best option for the price. At $34.95 for a pair of undershorts that pack a pretty thick chamois, they’re a great deal. (The best part is that for just over $100, you can go three days with no laundry!) The shorts have a 70-inch inseam—a little shorter than usual—and are made with the same ActiveFlow fabric that keeps you (and the boys) cool and dry. The chamois isn’t quite as fancy as the other InnerWear options, but the Coolmax 8mm chamois pad will still keep you comfortable on moderate trails, or as an under-pants commuting option.

Air Liner Innerwear Bib Short

For mountain bike geeks and road bike shredders out there, the Air Liner Bib Short is the best option for all serious bikers. Made to be worn on long trail rides or during hours of hill sprints, the shorts come with a burly 10mm chamois with anti-microbial materials, and a gel insert pad to reduce vibration. But the shorts aren’t stuffy and the chamois has perforated holes to allow for ventilation and moisture wicking, while the ActiveFlow fabric helps keep you dry even on the scariest of downhill trails. The bibs themselves are low rise (you know what that means for easy nature breaks!) and even have a media device storage pocket on the bib strap—perfect for stashing your phone where it’s less likely to get shattered.


The Johnson undershorts fit more like a boxer brief than a pair of bike shorts, but that’s what makes them great for commuting. The wide waistband that is seen in the women’s comfortable undergarments sneaks its way into the men’s options, and the mesh inserts with ActiveFlow fabric keep your ‘stuff’ from getting too… stuffy. The thin chamois allows for comfortable short rides; we don't recommend trying a century with just the Johnson! A commute to work or a ride to the bar is much more pleasant with these.