What to Wear Underneath: InnerWear for the Ladies

What you wear under your outfit—whether it’s cycling-specific gear, a casual sundress, or a three-piece suit—can make or break your ride, even if you’re just rolling downtown to run a few errands. Thankfully, Club Ride has you covered with a wide array of undergarments made to keep you comfortable on the bike, no matter what your ride situation is. Ladies, meet your new friends.


The DamselCham is a perfect under-skirt/dress option because if the breeze blows, the boy brief style looks cute—without giving anyone a free show. These are perfect for riding downtown to run to the grocery store or meeting friends for coffee. It's comfortable and appropriate, and the chamois is just thick enough to feel comfortable without feeling like a diaper. Even if you're off the bike, running fast errands, you'll barely notice you're still wearing it!


The Dazzle is a little bit funkier, with a cute patterned wide waistband coupled with a boy-cut fit and a one-inch inseam. The chamois is similar to the DamselChamcomfortable, not excessively padded (though a bit thicker)—which makes it a great, comfortable option for commuting. However, the chamois is a bit of an upgrade from the DamselCham, and if your commute is bumpy or you want to to take the shorts on the trail, the Dazzle is designed a bit more ruggedly, with a gel insert pad, and perforated memory foam for increased ventilation and elasticity. Looks cute and works? Excellent.



Perfect for under jeans or pants, this bikini brief is the commuter’s dream come true. The ActiveFlow fabric is breathable and quick dryingmuch better than your wedgie-inducing polyester underwear you’ve been wearing on your bike ride to work everyday! The wide waistband is a nice touch, since it saves you from that too-tight feeling that bike shorts often have, while the bikini brief fit avoids unsightly panty lines. If you are commuting in the Jewel, just remember to bring regular undies to change into if you’re in the office all day!


Looking for a serious short with a beefier chamois to wear under a pair of mountain bike shorts or a long skirt? The Montcham is your match. It’s made with the same ActiveFlow quick-dry fabric as the others, which takes on a whole new level of awesome when hitting the trails. An eight-inch inseam makes the shorts appropriate to wear even without baggies—which means you can wear them on your road, mountain or commuter bike. The chamois is similar to the Dazzle’s: a bit thicker, with a gel insert and memory foam to keep you happy on any trail. The wide waistband, again, is a great detail and makes the shorts comfortable and flattering for most body types.