Southern Enduro Hill Country Eagle Enduro

Club Ride will be at The Southern Enduro Mountain Bike Series! Stop by to see our new line and meet the team behind Club Ride. 

Event Info: Southern Enduro Hill Country Eagle Enduro
March 23-24th, 2019
Rocksprings TX
Southern Enduro Race Tour Info:


Kodiak Tough is excited to announce the 2019 Southern Enduro Tour dates and locations!

We always strive to make events fun for all levels of riders and to make the absolute most of the rider experience.

Being very mindful of you, the rider, we took your feedback, looked at heat maps from prior year’s attendance, and noted the holidays to try and maximize yours and your family’s experience and to make it possible for more riders to compete for the overall titles.

We worked hard to deliver on your requests with three 2-day events and three 1-day events, by offering the best time frames for travel, distribution of northern and southern locations within the schedule, as well as making some individual changes at each stop.

Our hope is that you are pleased with the outcome and join us in 2019 to further continue the growth of fun mountain biking in the region.