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Tread Threads First Glance: Giddyup with Club Ride


Yeehaw! Club Ride is a brand I was first introduced to when I rolled into the famed One on One Bike Shop a few years ago. I walked in to order my coffee and while I waited for my drink and snack I decided to peruse their apparel. I immediately fell in love with the western-shirt aesthetic of the jerseys I saw on display and remembered thinking “What isthis brand?! Club Ride… Cool!” Back then they even had a few women’s options.

Flash forward a few years….. I was managing a local bike shop and we took on Club Rideas a new brand and I was so pleased to see their growth. The Idaho brand had retained some of the cowboy details but upped their breathability and their reflective elements and extended their line. I’m sad to say in that time I didn’t get a chance to try and ride any of their gear but heard good reviews from co-workers. Needless to say, I’m really excited to be reviewing the goodies they sent over.

Note: this is ladies gear but not to worry dudes, Club Ride has similar men’s versions of these pieces. Kudos to brands giving ladies more functional options! Keep these in mind for the impending holidays to treat a special outdoorsy woman in your life…


To begin, I’ve got on the Henlyette top on with the Transit Trousers. The Henlyette seems like a nice summer evening weight or a good wicking base layer. The trousers are a bit more relaxed than I’m used to wearing which is something I look forward to in this brand. Club Ride is purposefully a bit more casual fit, and I think these will be great not just for fall but their stretch makes me excited to ride these in winter to work with a base layer and tights underneath. I’m pretty short and a pants-cuffer in general so I was pleased to discover some reflective piping when I adjust them to size.  Also, POCKETS! Pockets for days, pockets that work! This may not be a big deal to the fellas but ask a woman you ride with how tired she is of false pockets on cycling gear and get ready for story time…

IMG_2029 IMG_2030

Behold, the Two Timer Jacket with an insulated core and the arms left free to wick away your exertion. I love jackets, and I’m excited to see what temperature this one will be comfortable to. Again, lots of great pockets (including two inner pockets, perfect for flasks!) and a place to wire up your earbuds if you like to listen to tunes while you frolic.


Last but not least, we’ve got the Joy Ride Knickers.  Great fit on these right from the start! Stretchy with a higher waist that will be great for keeping out a breeze, I expect these will carry over from fall to winter to spring easily with the right layers. More great pockets and an offset seam to keep, ah, everything comfortable.