When You Ride Daily™, the Style is in the Details

What do you get when you cross a #ridedaily hashtag with a #commuterstyle hashtag?

You get people creating everyday great style while they work and play by bike.

Of course, 'no Spandex® needed' has long been a motto of bicyclists who just want to wear regular clothes while they ride.

It's become an increasing trend in recent years, as Momentum Magazine's Mia Kohout told the Wall Street Journal - people want to ride without looking like a 'mamil' (i.e. a middle-aged man in lycra).

To be truly comfortable on a bike each day with different weather, different gear and doing different tasks - sometimes what is in the closet doesn't quite cover the range of needs.

That's why it's so great to see the rise and prominence of progressive apparel and accessory companies dedicated to helping cyclists find their own commuter style in order to Ride Daily™

This is where Club Ride hits the target with our expanding line of commuter and lifestyle apparel.  Clothing that allows you to go from ride to work to the grocery store is what we continue to provide for cyclists who want to look stylish and also have the functional details of performance clothing - things like smartly-placed pockets, zippers, venting and technical fabric.

Two outfits that are perfect for going from bike to everything after are the - Women's Delice Jersey & Freedom Short and Men's Switch Jersey & Cog Jean

A commuter outfit would not be complete without something to protect your noggin!  A few technical details can make all the difference.  We've seen that with the Nutcase Metroride helmet.  The Nutcase Metroride helmet is designed to maximize air flow with minimum weight in a retro profile which results in a helmet that is stylish and practical (and looks good with that Club Ride outfit!).

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