For Women, By Women: How to Wear a Skirt on a Bike

Sometimes you get on your bike, ready to speed over asphalt and for sweat to pour down your face. Other times, you hit the trail, prepared for the dirt shower you’re about to receive. But, often when you ride, you don’t want to dress head-to-toe in Lycra. Well, with Club Ride, it’s possible to look stylish while dressing in functional gear. Here are three Club Ride options for ladies everywhere.

If you're looking for something you can make the morning commute in, but won’t damage your career by causing you to perspire through a morning meeting, the quick-drying Flicker Skort is a great choice. It's a little longer than a miniskirt and comes in our "shadow" color, which means that if you keep a blazer at your desk, you’ll go from bike champion to professional in five seconds. It's even a great choice for weekend errands—you won't stand out in the grocery store or at a post-ride brunch in this!

Flicker Skort

While it’s a great looking skirt, it's also practical and stretchy enough that you don't feel constricted on your ride. It won’t bunch, ride up, or fly in your face on windy days—all problems we know exist when wearing skirts on bikes. But the Flicker Skort has a great slide snap to adjust the skirt and keeps it right where you want it. 

For a first date, a casual bike ride might just be the ticket to love, but deciding what to wear is a nightmare. What if your date shows up in Lycra and you’re wearing a sundress? Or what if you’re the one in Lycra and your date decides to come in cut-offs? Either way, you may feel awkward. Enter: the DSG Skirt

DSG Skirt

The DSG Skirt is casual, but technical and functional, so regardless of what your date is wearing on your bike ride outing, you’ll be in the right outfit. It comes in both "raven" and "light caravan," matching almost everything in your closet. The skirt also looks just race-appropriate enough that if your date does show up in full spandex, you’ll still look speedy. Bonus: It also looks fabulous when you get lunch or coffee afterwards, thanks to the PowerWeave quick-drying fabric!

But a skirt, you ask? On a bicycle? That doesn’t make sense. But, now you can wear skirts while you ride and be scandal free, thanks to the DamselCham. It's a boyshort with a minimal chamois built in, which not only means your butt will be covered in the event of a freak windstorm on your ride, but when you get to your destination, you can change into regular underwear to keep yourself clean, sweat-free and happy. The chamois also makes your commute much more comfortable, and even fits under pants if you're planning on a ride wearing jeans or cute leggings instead of your cycling tights. 


So get out there in a skirt, ladies! And when you do, post pictures of you proudly sporting the gear to be featured on our Facebook page.