Racing the UCI Circuit in Chile

We recently teamed up with The Shasta Racing Team, a group of amateur riders helping to grow the sport in Chile. Mountain biking has recently exploded in Chile, and while we are still in winter up here in North America, they are currently enjoying perfect summer riding conditions.


We are supporting the team as they take on the Copa Chile UCI XCO race series throughout Chile. The first race of the season took place in the city of Valdivia. Located on the coast in southern Chile, it was originally settled by german immigrants in the mid-1800’s, and still has a distinct small town european atmosphere. 

Valdivia, Chile

The race took place on a 5.35 km lap course, and included UCI hallmark course set-up, technical sections and management. As the sport continues to grow in Chile, the UCI influence is adding additional competitive structure.

Team Shasta, a self proclaimed group of “regular guys riding mountain bikes” was thrilled to place a team member on the podium in the C2 category.

The next race in the Copa Chile UCI series will be held in Santiago, Chile on March 13th at the local favorite Cerro San Cristobal. The team feels confident returning to their back yard course, and is already spending time on the track as they prepare for the competition. If you happen to be in the area, be sure to stop by the Shasta Mountain/Club Ride Apparel booth at the race!

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