Safety First: Gear and Tips

Mountain biking is one of the most enjoyable activities, but one wrong move and the fun and games are over. This makes proper bicycling safety gear a necessity. Practicing safe bike riding habits is important to helping prevent head, neck, and other injuries while riding.

Here at Club Ride Apparel, we understand the importance of riding safely. And while bike riding gear, like helmets and pads, can help prevent injuries, even the most careful of riders can be prone to spills. This is why we have made a list of some of the most important bike safety gear and tips.

Safety Gear

Obviously, bike helmets are a necessity. They have been shown to reduce the risk of head injuries dramatically as well as the risk of neck and facial injuries. Many cyclists choose to wear elbow and knee pads in addition to helmets for further protection. For night riding, reflective gear should be worn to help yourself be more visible to cars.

Additionally, gloves can be worn for protection from the elements. Mountain bikers often wear gloves, as well as protective sunglasses, to protect them from dirt and debris that might fly up during their ride. It is, of course, important to choose the right pair of shoes when riding. Flip-flops and sandals are probably not going to be your best option when mountain biking.

Safety Tips

Wearing the right gear will help protect yourself from injuries, but even the most careful of riders are bound to get bruised up on occasion. To help you stay safe when out on the open trail, here are a few helpful tips to ensure your safety:

  • Know your Speed: One of the biggest mistakes mountain bikers make is being unaware of how fast they’re going. We all love to go fast, but sometimes it can come back to haunt us in the form of a rock on the trail. Keep track of your speed and you will have a much safer bike ride.
  • Know the Trail: Another common pitfall for mountain bikers is being unaware of the trail they’re riding. When you are riding a previously unknown trail, it’s crucial to practice caution and prepare for the unexpected.
  • Assess the Situation: It can be easy to get lost in the ride, but doing so can cost you big. Blind turns can be dangerous, especially for a rider with no idea of their speed. Plan on crashing, also, and assess each portion of the trail so when you do crash, you can make it as safe as possible.

  • Mountain biking can be a dangerous activity, but if you practice safe bike riding habits and wear proper safety gear you can ride with peace of mind. You can view Club Ride Apparel’s online store here and layer up for your next winter bike ride.