Mountain Biking Tips for Beginners

If you are thinking about getting into mountain biking, odds are you already have a firm grasp on how to operate a bike. But mountain biking is much more difficult than simply jumping on your bike and riding it down a dirt trail. There are major differences in the way you react, ride, and interact with other riders.

Here at Club Ride Apparel, we understand that some of these differences are not common knowledge. To better inform you of some of these differences, here are our top three mountain biking tips for beginners.

Bike Maintenance is Important

Just like you keep your car running at peak efficiency, your bike needs the same level of care. Top of the line mountain bikes can run you thousands of dollars, and keeping them in good condition will ensure your investment is worthwhile.

Even something as simple as keeping your bike clean can keep your bike in good condition. Dirt and mud can cause bearings in the bike to become jammed, which will make riding more difficult. If dirt gets in your chain, you run the risk of the chain breaking on your next ride. Keeping your mountain bike’s brakes, chain, and tires properly cared for will help your bike last years.

Bike Gear can be Stylish

Some people have put off riding their mountain bike because of the tight spandex clothing most bikers wear. But you don’t have to dress like a superhero anymore to be a mountain biker. Here at Club Ride Apparel, we carry some of the most fashion-friendly bike gear in our online store.

Whether you are in need of winter biking gear or special biking underwear, we have everything you need to look good on your next ride. Much of our bike clothing is made to help protect you from debris and are fitted with special reflectors to make your bike riding experience as safe as possible.

Use Your Gears Wisely

Mountain bike gears are one of the most beneficial accessories to your bike, but use them wisely. When you are approaching a hill, don’t wait until the last possible second to switch gears, this could break your chain due to increased stress. Switch gears before you get to the hill.

Additionally, don’t ride in high gear for too long. Riding in higher gears puts more strain on your knees which can lead to knee problems over time.

If you are ready to begin mountain biking but still need the gear for it, you can view our online store here.