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When the weather cools I start reaching for pants instead of shorts, and a hoody and vest.  CLUB RIDE has a rocking hoody, vest and pant to fit the riding lifestyle.


This hoody is an excellent way to comfortably layer for the colder temps.  The Infinity Hoody is made of a poly stretch material that allows for a snug and comfortable fit.  With huge capacity pockets positioned in the back you can throw a bunch in for the ride.  The 2 hand pockets are set back just enough that when you are riding stuff wont fall out.  The full zip construction is durable and smooth.  The gray edging around the hood and sleeves is a perfect compliment to the solid black.  This is so comfortable that you can take a nap in it.  I did and it is sleek but snuggly.  This is a high quality option that has full performance function for riding.  The hoodie includes an audio cable hole hidden away inside and covered by the pocket.  This is a multi use hoody.  It wears well on the bike and it wears well out on the town.  For $89.95 this is a hoodie that will last several seasons.  https://www.clubrideapparel.com/collections/men/products/infinity-hoody


This looks like a light weight puffy vest from the front.  Don’t be deceived, it is so much more than that.  The Blaze Vest is the extra added warmth in the front with the stretch in the back.  Large capacity stretch pockets in the back.  The breathable stretch material allows for excellent ventilation while riding.  In the front their is some extra layers of quilted insulation.  This acts as a weather shield creating some extra warmth.  The color and styling of this vest is a blend of basic red to black. These simple colors blend into a stylish color scheme.  This will quickly become for favorite riding/lifestyle vest.  https://www.clubrideapparel.com/collections/men/products/blaze-vest This is the same price as the INFINITY HOODY.  Great value for a great vest.

FAT JACK pants

The name is a bit misleading because fat legs and waist will not fit in these athletic cut slim fit pants.  That said I totally love the look and feel of the FAT JACK.  They are very comfortable.  Like other pants they have the phone pocket to the side of the quad so you dont sit on your phone.  These are great becuase the pocket is on both sides.  On the Cog Jean the pocket is just on the left leg.  Both right and left leg has the cell phone pocket.  These pockets double as vents.  The FAT JACK is actually named fat to refer to Fat biking in the snow.  These pants will do well in any condition.  With the reinforced fabric on the upper leg and inner ankles these pants are bullet proof.  The cut of these pants is great on and off the bike.  $119.00 US these will last you all season and beyond.

CLUB RIDE has created some of the most unique apparel items that are focused on blending your lifestyle with bike riding EVERY DAY!  Every garment has functionality and purpose.  This is all disguised in stylish apparel that performs and stands up to whatever you can throw at them.