Arkansas Enduro Series Bentonville

Club Ride will be at Arkansas Enduro Series! Stop by to see our new line and meet the team behind Club Ride. 

Event Info: Arkansas Enduro Bentonville 
September 20-22nd, 2019
Bentonville AR
Arkansas Enduro Series Info:


Enduro racing combines many aspects of mountain bike disciplines- endurance of cross country, technical features of downhill, and requires adaptability to varying terrain. In a cross country race, riders compete in a group for fastest overall time on a course with terrain most suitable for a hardtail or short travel bike. A downhill race is a solo run on a downhill only trail with extreme rock features and jumps. Enduro racing combines elements of both disciplines to offer a course that is both technically challenging, but also requires pedaling endurance. The timing method is unique as well. Riders are timed primarily on the downhills that offer, diverse segments over several stages throughout the course. 



Maintain Course
All riders must stay on course including the transitions. Veering off course is disrespectful to everyone from the land owner, race organizers, fellow competitors and yourself. Any rider choosing a line outside of the defined trail and/or course markings will be disqualified.

Outside Assistance
Any form of outside assistance or support such as; non-racers, family members, friends or unapproved pit stops is forbidden. However, racers are are allowed and encouraged to help fellow competitors on the course.

The bike and equipment you start the race on must be the same bike and equipment you finish on. Official race director must approve exceptions. *Exceptions are repairing, or replacement of tires.

Only rider impediment, safety hazards, or injury support warrants a re-run and must be approved by official race organizer. Always stop for an injured rider. Any unapproved re-runs, either intentional or unintentional will result in a disqualification. Flat tires, bent wheels, broken chains, and ANY type of mechanical issue, or rider error is part of racing and does not warrant a re-run.

Time Penalties
Course cutting or not following markings/route will result in a disqualification.

Outside Assistance such as but not limited to; mechanical support, food, part/gear swaps and unapproved shuttling is an immediate DQ.

Disrespect of the land such as littering,

Changing, adjusting, or modifying the course in any way is an immediate DQ. If you have a concern about a course feature please present the concern to the race director with a picture and description of concern.

All other instances, violations, or judgments will be handled in a per-case bases.

Series Overall
The Tour Overall your best 4 of 5 Results. You must finish 3 Races to qualify for the overall.

Bottom Line
Pack it in, pack it out rules apply. Leave no trace and above all be nice to everyone including animals and the land.
Why? Because we love you!


*Rules are subject to change at any time. Rules and penalaites are determined by the race director. We understand special circumstances and gray areas can happen. Every event will have a pre-race meeting to address race specifics, answer questions, and announce any changes to the rules. Rule violations must be submitted to the race organizer within 30 minutes of the last competitor finishing the final stage.