Passing It Forward | Rebuilding the Founder's Bike

Pass it Forward | Investing in the Future

We all still have or think about that one bike in life that seemed to be the one. It went on all day adventures, races, and trips to the favorite watering hole. Most of us get rid of those bikes at some point, or they end up hanging from the garage ceiling collecting dust to never see another ride. Club Ride's Founder, Mike Herlinger had one of those bikes. A Salsa El Mariachi! It was the single speed he rode at the 100-mile Cascade Creampuff, and the Park City Point to Point as well. Like most bikes it fell out of favor as he got older and eventually replaced by a fancier full suspension bike, but he always kept it in rotation for the occasional ride.

Robert Freeze from the YouTube channel Oldshovel joined Club Ride's Ambassador team this year. Our conversations quickly became about old bikes and Mike our founder brought up his Salsa El Mariachi. The idea grew to rebuild and give it away to a deserving youth. Robert loved the idea and immediately wanted to see the bike. We slapped a Fedex label on a box and shipped it down from Idaho! After inspecting the bike Robert had a parts list and was ready to bring this bike back to life. With our Western Skull Print Collection coming out we thought it would be a great opportunity to tie the print into the project. After some initial inception meetings Robert took the project on using his creativity and skill to create a masterpiece!

The bigger part of this collaboration was to make sure the bike ends up in the hands of a deserving high school racer. Mike is stoked that a younger rider will have the opportunity to give this bike new life. Bikes, like many things in life come and go but some just seem to hold on forever.
Stay tuned for the follow and bike giveaway!