Ladies MTB Road Trip | Fife and flow

Club Ride Ambassador, Danica Fife, loaded up a car with three friends and headed for the desert. They drove to Sedona, just in time for the Sedona MTB Fest, all the way from Bellingham, Washington. No spoilers, but the drive didn't go as planned.

Their favorite parts of the adventure?

Janina - "First of all, Sedona is amazing.
I love remembering the beautiful views from all the trails! The red rock is something I’ve never seen or ridden on. Highline was my highlight as we got the best views from up there and being able to share that moment with my friends was even better!"

Liz - "It’s hard to settle on a favorite thing from our trip to the Sedona MTB Festival. There were so many memorable moments! I would have to say my favorite ride in Sedona was Hiline. Watching our lady crew get sendy on Sedona’s magical red rock - I couldn’t stop smiling."

Danica - "This was my first time going on a week long MTB lady road trip and what a great experience. We were able to share so many great stories, laughs, and snacks! The trails in Sedona are breathtaking in two ways- the climbing is always technical and the views make you stop in your tracks. I love that I was able to experience a trip like this with amazing friends."

Mel - "From long hours of audiobooks and singing disney songs, to biking through snake-land to get to beautiful hot springs, there were countless moments like these on our Sedona trip that made me feel special and so incredibly lucky.

There’s something special about riding with my girlfriends that I still can’t put into words. When we ride together I feel super connected with them, even when there’s no dialogue or eye contact. We are connected through the earth, our tires rolling down the same trail and the beautiful landscape around us.  We share the love for the way this sport makes our body feel. And I feel so fortunate to have that connection with these rad ladies. Danica, Liz and Janina are so inspiring and they push me outside of my comfort zone. They help me grow as a mountain biker. This ride was one great example. They never doubted my riding skills and they cheered me up and helped me overcome my fears. They burst with confidence and talent and I have noticeably improved my skills because of them. They are incredibly supportive and encouraging and I feel so safe and happy when I am around them. I simply cannot wait for more road trips and adventures with these girls!"