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Over $3,600 Donated 

In these unpredictable times we are all trying to cope with the unknown. While you are all in different situations and are dealing with your own struggles we encourage you all to remember that we are in this together. Looking to our own community Club Ride has connected with The Hunger Coalition a non profit which is stepping up its work during the Coronavirus outbreak to deliver food to higher risk individuals without asking them to put themselves at unnecessary risk. 

With your support Club Ride was able to donate $3,600 to The Hunger Coalition.  From March 23rd-31st Club Ride donated 15% of proceeds from online sales back to our Hunger Coalition and match that dollar for dollar! 

The Hunger Coalition works in our community to inspire joy, togetherness, growth, health, strength, and the courage to make a difference. The Hunger Coalition believes everyone has the right to good food. 

Our community has taken a major hit from Covid-19 but The Hunger Coalition is still going strong delivering to the older community, those with autoimmune deficiencies, and anyone else that maybe can’t afford food in these hard times. They are making a major difference in hard times!

We all need to help our communities in any way that we can to help those that need it. Whether it is donating food or money to your local food bank, or helping deliver to those that can’t take care of themselves we can all make a difference. 

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