Riding = Good

With springs expedient appearance, bike events are a welcome change from desk time. Spending time driving across the country to destinations like Santa Cruz, Fruita, and Moab, makes the ever so painful desk job seem minutely more tolerable. Setting the rubber in dirt for the first time in months brings a refreshing smile that only trail time can offer. Riding with friends in beautiful places is why so many of us appreciate the simple yet elegant contraption we all passionately refer to as the bicycle.

But what is it about these experiences that really trigger the immense longing for two wheeled adventure? Is it that sense of exploration that nature brings or is it the speed and exhilaration of shredding that one section of ever so artful singletrack? After spending some time in a variety of beautiful places, then returning back to another world class location, I am always amazed at how attitude changing that quick morning ride or all day grind can really be. Whether it's a full day on the White Rim in Moab or a 2 hour suffer fest lapping the town trails in Santa Cruz, bikes offer an amazing perspective that we all have been fortunate enough to find.

Do you make riding a priority in your daily life or is it that much better when you get to spend all weekend in the saddle? Does your day revolve around that one hour lunch ride that gets you through your day as a desk jockey? Whatever your connection with two-wheel recreation, make sure to keep it high on your list and keep riding and smiling. Get out and ride. Ride Daily.