Watch This

By Dejay Birtch

I find it pretty funny that while sitting on some busted up wood in a parking lot on a Sunday afternoon, I giggle out loud as I reflect on the past week. As I watch an empty can blow across the pavement and listen to the music it makes as it goes along on it's journey, it becomes pretty clear that there is no wasted time. Going out for a ride on amazing trails that you have never ridden, sharing it with friends you don't see enough, sitting on the side of the trail in pitch dark laughing your ass off, and many of the other things that make life worth living. Needless to say the last few days have been filled with many memories that could have gone on forever, if it weren't for that whole time thing.
What time is it; I'm late for an appointment; It's midnight; how long is it going to take to get back; I'm racing tomorrow; when does the restaurant close. These and many other things have all been said concerning that idea we all have of time. It's these plans we make for ourselves that have created the idea of wasted time. No time that is spent focused on the joy of the moment can ever be considered wasted.

All of these things could be easily over looked or take on the excuse of a busy weekend during the largest bike fest in the USA known as Sea Otter. Either way, when the time comes for me to call it a “day”, I remember it was me who thought I could pull all of this off in a timely manner. Thankfully there is a word to some all of this up...tired. I have been able to come to terms with this. I'm quite passionate about what I do, so I sometimes disregard this feeling or simply push through it hoping for a great outcome, and a very strong cup of coffee.

Now I'm here writing these words as fast as I can, so I can move on and do something else as the hands spin around that silly circle that we watch oh so closely. I ask, what plans have you made? Will you make it there on time?
As for alarm will be set, Goodnight.

About Dejay - For the past 15 years Dejay has lived a bit of  the vagabond life style working/racing for several companies, which has led him to hunting and gathering trail experiences as far as a bicycle can take him. This seems to be the fuel to further his quest into whatever the next adventure may be.  He finds himself a little stationary in the winter months working at a bike shop in Tucson, AZ, but more importantly where the mountains call to him on a daily basis. He has recently found a home working with Ride for Reading to bring awareness to their mission. This will have him still wandering about, spreading the good words and inspiring children to have an active, healthy life.