CEO Scott Montgomery Sounds Off on Club Ride

Scott Montgomery laughed when talking about how Club Ride started in 2008, describing the apparel as an alternative to the usual “stuffed sausage suit” bike gear. Now the CEO of Club Ride, Scott comes from a long history in the bike industry, having been an executive at Cannondale and founding Scott Sports’ U.S. bike division.

Scott explained to us about why he loves Club Ride gear and how stoked he is to not wear spandex when heading out on his lunch ride.

Scott Montgomery, CEO of Club Ride

On Club Ride’s audience.

SM: The perfect audience for Club Ride is any of the 40 million cyclists in the United States, but particularly the more casual rider. We found that 5 million of the 40 million really appreciate the tight-fitting apparel, but the other 35 million—some of whom are very hardcore riders—were looking for something that was more comfortable. They wanted clothes easy to wear in both a riding setting and in the grocery store.

On Club Ride’s three clothing lines.

The Sun Valley line is geared for all mountain bikers, regardless of level or technical skills. It has lots of function—zippers as opposed to buttons, ventilation, fabrics that wick to dry out. It’s comfortable, but still functional.

The SUB5 line was designed for all riders—those trying to avoid using their automobiles or just taking the family out riding. It’s for starting the day on the bicycle and then doing another activity without changing clothes. It’s a bit more fitted and a little more stylized.

The Open Road line is for the road cyclist. It’s our newest collection, complete with the same attributes we put into the mountain and city line. It has functional features that are comfortable both on the road and in the coffee bar, without you being shunned as the “roadie.” Now that we’re in the post-Lance racing hangover, there are still a lot of people who want to go fast and get a hard road ride in, but don’t want to look like a pro cyclist. These riders want to look relaxed and more comfortable, while still getting out there for a good hammerfest.

On what makes Club Ride unique.

SM: We have cycling DNA integrated into the design of every product—wicking fabrics, ultraviolet protection, zippers instead of buttons, no loose pockets for things to fall out and reflective accents for evening bike rides. The fits and the fabrics are exactly how a cyclist would want this apparel to function. We are all cyclists and we want clothing that we use ourselves.

Optum Pro Cycling presented by Kelly Benefit Strategies in their Club Ride apparel

On the Optum Pro Cycling partnership.

We wanted to give the pro cyclist an alternative cycling wear—something they can wear when they’re just out having a good time on their bicycle. Club Ride gear functions just as well as their professional cycling kit, but it makes it more comfortable in a normal, non-racing environment. Now they can still have the performance of the apparel they are used to when racing.

Custom Club Ride gear for Rails-to-Trails Conservancy

On Club Ride custom gear.

At Club Ride, we have a custom apparel program. We work with different clubs and organizations like IMBA, PeopleForBikes, the Adventure Cycling Association and others. In this, companies come to us and we screen the name of the sponsor, organization, etc. on a Club Ride jersey. Often times it can be a great fundraiser for organizations and it’s a way to give a professional feeling to an organization that wants to stand out.

Last word on Club Ride.

At Club Ride our motto is: Always be ready—ready to grab a quick lunch by bike instead of by car, ready when your friend calls and asks to go on a lunch ride, ready to enjoy those situations that might have been a lost opportunity.