What to Wear When on the Trail

Rolling up to the trailhead is almost like standing in the lift line at your favorite ski hill. You can tell that everyone’s out to have a good time, but the clothing varies from hipster to 80s vintage. You never know what you’re going to get.

Deciding on a suitable outfit for the trails can be a daunting task. Mountain biking has developed a number of subcultures in recent years, and along with those subcultures, comes a wide variety of associated styles. From the bare-bones race kit and the safety-first neon, to the enduro t-shirt jersey and the single-speeder cut-off jeans, we’re all just trying to fit in.

Comfort should be the first objective in an apparel decision because if you’re not comfortable, you won’t enjoy the ride. Cycling-specific apparel has come a long way since the klunkers of Marin County. Gone are the days of squeezing yourself into a revealing, tight-fitting chamois that feel like sand paper after a few hours in the saddle.

Comfort is not only found in the intimate pieces of the riding apparel, but also in the breathability and articulation of the fabric. We at Club Ride Apparel have taken it upon ourselves to combine comfort and style in a way that speaks beyond the bike. Now you can head to an après ride beer, mid-ride coffee, or even the office without feeling like ‘that guy’ in full spandex.


For the men: Pure West jersey and Mountain Surf short

For the men, Club Ride’s Pure West jersey offers a sleek and casual look, all crafted out of proprietary lightweight RideDryWear stretch fabric, that truly requires feeling it to believe it. Integrating a full side and arm mesh venting and two zippered rear storage pockets with a media port, this is a thoughtfully crafted ride shirt. Combine it with the Mountain Surf short, a lightweight, durable, and quick-dry short, and you’ll be dressed for both the trail and the happy hour celebration after your ride.


For the ladies: Queen Bee jersey and Eden Short

For years cycling apparel design has left out a huge portion of the market. Finally the ladies have some great options that provide excellent athletic performance and are tailored to their body. The Queen Bee jersey is crafted from Club Ride’s lightweight SheerToDry fabric that is breathable and quick wicking. The Eden Short is a stylish addition to any of the ladies’ ride shirts and with a removable chamois liner, doesn’t put comfort second. Easily mistakable for a purchase from your favorite clothing boutique, Club Ride’s ladies line puts a fresh perspective on stylish athletic apparel.

Club Ride puts panache and function on the top of the list with their clothing designs, sure to turn heads on your next trail adventure. After all, choosing your ride apparel should come without compromises.