DIY Basic Bike Maintenance

Caring for your bicycle can seem like a daunting task since it is comprised of some many moving parts and gears, but doing so can increase the longevity of your bike’s life. While it is recommended that you take your bike in for a maintenance check twice a year from a professional, we recognize that depending on how often you ride, additional maintenance may be required in between these checkups. Here at Club Ride Apparel, we strive to provide our customers with useful information on their bicycling habits, which is why we are here to explain some of the basic bike maintenance services you can do yourself.  

Cleaning and Greasing

One of the easiest tasks you can do on your own is to keep your bike clean and properly lubricated. Even something this simple needs to be done correctly. High-pressure water can actually damage the bearings and smaller parts on your bike. The most effective way to clean your bike is to use warm water and rags to clean the body of the bike. Small brushes can be used to clear dirt out of crevices to help protect the bike from rust and damage.

Once your bike has been properly cleaned, it is important to lubricate key areas to ensure they work smoothly. There are a number of specialized greases that are designed for bicycles. These are your best bet as they are proven to lubricate the bike without causing damage. In addition to your chain, a good rule of thumb is to grease anything that has threads.

Tire Care

Bike tires are often the part that gets damaged most often, especially when it comes to mountain biking. This is why it is important to know how to change your bike tire tube, especially if you get a flat out on the trail where a professional cannot help you. Changing your bike tire isn’t very complicated, so long as you have the correct tools.

Once you have removed the tire, you should check the tube for any leaks. The tire tube should be replaced, if a hole is found, and the tire should be put back on the tire frame before inflating the new tube.

There are some types of tire sealants that you can fill a flat bike tire with to prevent leaking. While this is not a long term solution, this will allow you to finish a bike ride without having to replace the tire tube immediately.

The best way to learn these DIY basic bike maintenance methods is to practice them yourself. So go ahead and check out Club Ride’s online men’s and women’s stores and get ready to hit the open road.