Top 5 Bike Friendly Cities

When it comes to riding, getting up and hitting the trails isn't always on our agenda. Sometimes, a nice cruise through the city is all we ask for, but that can be asking a lot in some cities throughout the US. Whether it's a lack of bike lanes or poor overall awareness of cyclists, some cities just don't get us. However, there are plenty of cities throughout the country that we deem biker friendly.

Best Cities to Ride

From a number of accessible bike shops to plenty of racks throughout town, bike-friendly cities accommodate those of us who love to get around on two wheels. For most of us, riding isn't just a form of transportation, it's a lifestyle. Accordingly, we look for cities that know what a cyclist needs. The following list is comprised of cities that know just that. Take a look:

  1. Boulder, Colorado Nearly every street in Boulder accommodates bikers. The town has nearly 300 miles of bikeways. This town is dedicated to riders, with bike lanes, multi-use paths, and paved road shoulders.

  2. Minneapolis, Minnesota Granted the Gold Level Bicycle Friendly Community Award, Minneapolis features a bicycle freeway, running over 5 miles throughout downtown with three lanes of traffic. Enough said.

  3. Portland, Oregon Quite obvious, Portland offers 315 miles of bike paths, while over 7% of the city's residents commute via bike. With paths running from the town to off-road trails, Portland riding is ideal.

  4. Chicago, Illinois Committed to its cyclists, Chinatown consists of over 200 miles of bike lanes with plans for 645 miles by 2020—now that's commitment. Their laws even protect riders! The Windy City is a must-go for any rider.

  5. San Francisco, California Aside from decent weather year-round, SF's bike community has been growing, with paths throughout town and, of course, the Gold Gate Bridge. The city also features bike stalls throughout.

Aside from our list of top bike-friendly cities, the US is home to a number of great towns to ride. Check out The League of American Bicyclists website for a full list of states and cities!

Hit the Town!

Whether you're ready for a vacation or even a new town to call home, consider one of America's bike-friendly cities. Not only will you be surrounded by accessible paths and other cyclist-accommodating features, you'll be in a community that loves riding just as much as you do.

In the meantime, have a look at Club Ride's apparel to find the right gear for your trip into town. Be safe, have fun, and get out there!