The Top Bikes to Try in 2016

You might not realize exactly how far mountain bikes have come in recent years just by looking at them. They have the same basic shape and design they’ve always had, but mountain bikes have been innovated beyond belief in the past decade. Even if you already own the mountain bike of your dreams it’s always fun to try out something different. Here are Club Ride’s top five best bikes of 2016 that you need to try out next time you’re on the road without your bike.

  • Niner WFO 9- Niner has made a name for themselves by producing some of the highest quality bikes in the industry. The new redesigned WFO 9 has been called “the holy grail of trail bikes” because it can make even the roughest of terrain seem like a walk in the park. The CVA suspension, made custom by Niner tech, is the only suspension design specifically for 29er bikes and takes advantage of the increased bottom bracket drop on 29ers. 

  • Transition Patrol 4- Transition manufacturers four Patrol mountain bike models, but the Patrol 4 is the least expensive. That doesn’t mean that this $3,000 mountain bike is a cheaply made version of their other Patrol models. In fact, the Patrol 4 is made with the exact same lightweight aluminum frame as their high-end models.

  • Rocky Mountain Maiden- Rocky Mountain’s new model, the Maiden, is one of the most exciting mountain bike of 2016. Equipped with a full carbon frame and a top of the line suspension package, the Maiden isn’t cheap. Their top of the line model, the Maiden Unlimited, will run you over $10,000 but their Maiden Park model is substantially less at only $4,500.

  • Ibis Ripley 29- Ibis’s Ripley models have been some of the most popular mountain bikes for riders who wish to spend more money for a high-quality bike. But now Ibis has released a game-changing model, the Ripley 29, for only $3,000. The carbon bike frame alone is arguably worth the $3,000 price tag, but it is also equipped with a high-quality suspension package.

  • Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp 29- Specialized has many different Stumpjumper FSR models, but if you want the best bang for your buck the Comp 29 model might satisfy your needs. This aluminum framed bike is perfect for aggressive rides down the mountain and the bike’s seat is one of the most adjustable around by offering 12 positions and up to 125 millimeters of height adjustment.


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