Ambassador | Leslie Kehmeier

Hometown | Golden, CO


Leslie Kehmeier is a Colorado-based outdoor adventure photographer and mountain bike nerd. Always on the go, Leslie is most comfortable running through airports to catch a flight or steering the wheel of her Sprinter van (Henry) in search of good food, amazing coffee and marking another place off the list in her quest to tell yet another story about life outdoors. Check out more work from Leslie at

Get to know Leslie

/ What is your favorite style of riding?

I'm always up for the biggest adventure possible - long distance rides that immerse me solidly into the landscape. I don’t really have a preference for trail type - I love challenging and technical riding just as much as playful and flowy experiences. Take me anywhere - it doesn't matter if I'm in a lush PNW forest or going across an endless ridge line traverse - as long as I’m pedaling, you'll find a giant smile on my face."

/ Any race plans this season?

I used to race when I first started mountain biking. These days I'm much more motivated to carry a photo pack and create photos of the outdoor experience, especially mountain biking. All that said, if I needed a challenge, I would most likely try a multi-day enduro race.

/ How are you involved in your cycling community?

I've spent the last six and a half years working for IMBA with much of that time working directly with mountain biking communities across the US. It was an amazing experience and one that I'm extremely grateful for. In the future, I look forward to staying connected to mountain biking as a photographer, sharing the stories of community supported conservation and outdoor recreation.

/ What is your favorite piece of Club Ride?

My favorite piece of Club Ride gear - the joy ride capris! I can wear them on the bike and everywhere else.