Roam MTB Festival Brevard

Club Ride will be at ROAM! Stop by to see our new line and meet the team behind Club Ride. 

Event Info: Roam Mountain Bike Festival
May 2-5th , 2019
Brevard NC
Roam Bike Fest Info:

Say Yes to Adventure.

Roam Bike Fest is a three day gathering (aka party) of female riders, influencers, and play makers all here for one purpose: to have a ridiculously fun weekend exploring, learning, and shredding trail in a world-class riding destination. 

No pandering, no skills clinics, just a bike-filled weekend of plain unsucky fun. 


ROAM EVENTS: Risk takers, adventure seekers, and bear huggin' fun makers. 

Since ​2015, Roam Events has grown into an industry-leading event management company working with innovative businesses leaders and game changers to create extraordinary outdoor events. We're the party planners behind Roam Bike Fest, Roam Retreats, The Sturdy Dirty Enduro Series, and Rusch Academy

We named our company Roam because fresh air and freedom are at the core of everything we do. You won't find us in conference centers or sticking to the status quo. We're about creating experiences that are refreshing, inspired by nature, and ultimately - fun as hell.

We've mastered the art of inclusiveness because we believe wholeheartedly that no one should ever sit at a lunch table by themselves. By cultivating genuine connections (participants and partners alike are subject to bear hugs from our staff), we ensure the community we serve is strengthened and new friendships and partnerships will last long after dust settles on the trails.