The Best Mountain Bike Trails

Sometimes a certain mountain bike trail will leave you wanting more. Rough terrain and beautiful scenery often make us desire a longer ride, even after the ride is over. In celebration of these unique bike trails, we have compiled our list of the top 5 best mountain bike trails in the nation.

  • Colorado Trail- One of the most well-known Mountain Bike trails, the Colorado Trail extends from the mouth of the Waterton Canyon, southwest of Denver, to Durango, CO. This gorgeous trail is nearly 500 miles long and the majority of the ride is above 10,000 feet. Because of the treacherous winter weather in the area, it is recommended that you ride the trail during the summer months when it's warmer at night.
  • Porcupine Rim Trail- Moab, UT is loaded with some of the best mountain bike trails this great country has to offer, but few compare to the Porcupine Rim trail. Breath-taking views of the red rock that cover the area accompany you as you begin this 14-mile long ride. The first four miles are an uphill climb but once you reach the top you begin the descent to the Colorado River where you lose 2,800 feet in less than 11 miles. Bring your camera, this is a fun ride.
  • Santos Trail System- The Santos Trail System is one of the most delightful mountain bike trail networks in the country. Located in Ocala, FL, this extensive network of mountain bike trails is more than 85 miles long combined. You can spend days riding the Santos Trail System and never grow bored of the scenery or wildlife. Since it’s located in Florida, winter riding is never a problem, but be careful during the summer months, that’s when hurricane season starts up and it could get rainy.
  • 18 Road Trails- Another one of Colorado’s most famous and stunningly beautiful mountain bike trails, 18 Road Trails is located in Fruita and is a system of trails of varying degree of difficulty. Since it’s located in the Grand Valley, 18 Road Trails runs through a slick terrain of red rock sandstone and is one of the best places to spend a weekend if you are a lover of the outdoors.
  • Slickrock- While Porcupine Trail is amazing, it still can’t compare to Moab, UT’s most famous and best mountain bike trail, Slickrock. Even though this trail is only 12 miles long, it is not for beginners. Slickrock is one of the most difficult mountain bike trails in the country and runs through petrified sand dunes and eroded sandstone sea beds. If it rains while you’re riding the trail you will understand why it called Slickrock. Bring a first aid kit, because you will get cut up when you fall.

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