Bike Gear to Battle the Cold

It’s that time of year again—the days are getting painfully shorter, your afternoon rides are getting chilly and frost is beginning to coat your favorite trails. But there’s a good part, we promise. It means you get to buy new bike gear. And that's exciting.

We put together four of our favorite pieces from our fall/winter collection to lift your spirits from the gloom of cold weather.

Cog Jeans

If you commute to work on a regular basis, love the idea of a casual weekend errand ride or biking out with friends for a beer (or two), then you know how tough it is to ride in full spandex to the office (without getting laughed at) or to the grocery store (sweaty chamois time is never pleasant). But riding in regular jeans is just as bad: chafing, ripping seams, and the dreaded issue of the back riding so low that you’re mooning cars as you pedal along. It’s not stylish and it’s not comfortable. Enter the Cog Jeans from Club Ride. They stretch to accommodate your pedal stroke, and the crotch is reinforced and seamless, leaving your ‘saddle area’ less prone to chafing or rubbing the wrong way. The “No Crack Back” delivers perfectly, so you don’t have to stop at red lights to yank up your pants, and little details like a zip-up pocket for your phone and reflective accents make these jeans the perfect go-to for short rides and moderate commutes.

Double Jack

You want a cycling jacket that functions like a cycling jacket—keeps you warm, but not sweaty, and fits in walking around or riding in an aero tuck—but you’d rather be a bit incognito. A jacket that can go from the bike to a hockey game or fall barbecue is ideal—something just a bit more stylish than the standard neon yellow you see in most cycling gear. This fall, we’ve announced the Club Ride Double Jack Reversible Jacket, and it does just that. It’s blue plaid on one side, but when you’re looking for a sleeker profile or want to look a bit more like the cycling stud you are, you can turn it inside out for a simple black jacket. Thermal insulation make it great for riding as temperatures drop, and the moisture wicking and fast drying fabric holds up to its promises—and holds up after multiple washings as well! Paired with the Cog Jeans, you wouldn’t know you’re a cyclist, until you hop on a bike.

Liv'n Flannel

Flannel shirts for women have been a staple of fall fashion for a few years now, but this flannel is much better than H&M and J.Crew tops. The Liv’n Flannel is designed for a serious cyclist that’s a little tired of wearing lycra on rides in the fall. For a quickie hour-long ride, it’s perfect. It’s breathable and wicking—no pit stains here thanks to an underarm vent—and the media pocket makes phone storage easy, so if you’re meeting friends for lunch, you don’t need to bring a backpack just to bring your phone and some cash. 

Transit Pant

If you have an early morning meeting, you may not have time to change before rushing into your office. Thankfully, there’s the Transit Pant. The stretchy, gray denim material looks just like casual office-wear, and they’re quick drying, so if you’re a little sweaty, they'll clean up quick. They’re also perfect for running errands around town as it gets cooler outside—a nice change from the normal lycra tights. The car is in the shop getting new snow tires? That’s fine, because now you have the proper clothes to make your winter bike trip a whole lot easier.