Kelli Lusk Gives a Sneak Peek of the 2015 Line

Kelli Lusk came to Club Ride from a long history of bicycling. From work with USA Cycling to the Michigan Mountain Biking Association, Kelli has always had a deep love of everything bike. She now gets the word out about Club Ride as their Marketing Manager. With the launch of our 2015 line imminent, Kelli took a few minutes to talk about the new gear and what product she’s really excited about.

Off-road cycling apparel has gone from tight, logoed wear to more casual clothing. How is Club Ride addressing the trend in 2015?

KELLI LUSK: We’ve absolutely seen this trend on the trail. Riders are not always gearing up in Lycra shorts and jerseys anymore - they'd like an alternative, especially if they don’t necessarily identify as racers (even if they are!). We’re addressing this change by building casual, performance-oriented cycling apparel. The clothes have the desired features – zippered pockets, venting underneath the arms and side panels, reflective accents – and look great - on and off the bike. 

What trends have you seen in the urban/commuter crowd?

KL: Functional pants for commuting and riding around town. We’ve addressed that with the Ray Jean, the Woody Jean, the Worx Trouser and a few others. We’re introducing more pants and jeans in upcoming seasons, too. Our jeans and pants are constructed for fit, function and style - making them ideal for commuting and everyday wear.

Who is the urban line designed for?

KL: One aspect we hear from commuters is the need to have clothing that can be worn on the bike and in the office. They want something that is going to wick, keep them dry, be breathable - and look good! 

How do you test the apparel?

KL: We work with a number of bicyclists to get feedback through wear-testing and focus-groups.  They range from former pro racers to enthusiastic local riders.  We send a lot of products out for review, collect the feedback and share it with our product development team. We’re always evolving and asking riders how we can make our products better. 

What is the Club Ride community like?

KL: We have an amazing community of riders standing behind our brand. We’re a grassroots company and we appreciate comments and suggestions from our customers so we can improve our gear.  Mike Herlinger, Club Ride’s founder and product designer, reads customer feedback emails and product reviews.  He does listen to what is sent along and looks at how we can improve a product design. It's been key in our growth.  We listen to our customers and it shows in the product we make.

What’s your overall take on Club Ride?

KL: We want to offer cycling apparel that enhances a rider's experience on the bike. Cyclists come in many shapes and sizes - we strive to provide a choice for the different body types.

What’s one thing you’re stoked on in the 2015 line?

KL: I'm really excited about expanding women's line. As we’ve continued to grow and mature as a company, we've placed more focus and energy on increasing and improving our women's apparel. 

Thanks, Kelli!