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Bike commuting. It’s cheaper than driving, obviously. It’s good for both your cardiovascular health and your mental health. It saves you money on healthcare costs. It’s even good for your bone health. Depending on your employer, Uncle Sam may even pay you to ride a bike to work. And with the wave of bike-share programs in major cities, you don’t even have to own a bike. Still, in October the backwards fall of clocks plunges commuter cyclists into near-total darkness on evening commutes and during the frigid chill of morning. As the window of daylight shrinks, temperatures fall and the chance of inclement weather increases, the importance of being comfortable and visible to drivers escalates. Lights, reflective decals, jackets, pants, baselayers, gloves, footwear, headwear, panniers, packs, bells and cameras allow you to focus on your commute, personal comfort, and all the health and financial benefits that come with getting to work on your own steam. Here's what we recommend. Club Ride Joy Ride knickers: In Minneapolis where I live, fall weather ranges from brilliantly beautiful days with temperatures in the 60’s to the misery of rain, snow, sleet and hail and temperatures in the high-30’s. On the brilliantly beautiful days in the 60’s, I love these knickers because they hit the sweet spot between a bike short and capri-length and they’re very comfortable. Club Ride Imogene pants: But when Fall bestows the misery of rain, snow, sleet and hail and temperatures in the high-30’s, the Club Ride Imogene pant are my choice. They’re midweight, waterproof, not the least bit bulky, can be worn with any chamois, have six pockets, two zippered side leg vents, and good reflective accents. I also love that I can wear these for winter fatbiking because I can still wear a pair of thermal cycling tights under them.

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