Huffington Post | Bike Gear of the Year

Huffington Post | Bike Gear of the Year

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A disproportionate amount of my income goes to recreational gear. I’m a cycling enthusiast and thrive on the performance enhancements of new bike gear. It’s mostly incremental gains, but you’ll also get the occasional breakthrough. Either way, new gear is a motivation to ride more and push my limits. Because I’m also a capitalist and want to see a return on my investment.

That said, I don’t always make great buying decisions. My hit rate is about 80 percent, which I’ve come to accept. The failed gear is cast aside, never to be seen again. The rest of my purchases fall on a spectrum of good to great. The top 10 percent is used on a daily or weekly basis. These items are my de facto “Gear of the Year” picks. This is the first in a series of greatest gear hits for 2016.


Is this really a cycling jersey? For sure. Club Ride bridges the fashion-function divide, which means clothing that performs as well as it looks and vice versa. The Bolt is a constant in my bike-commuting rotation. The RideDryWear fabric is breathable, quick drying, and UV protective. Beneath the buttons a is full zipper to block wind, and there are vents in the pits for the hottest of days. When you arrive at your destination and jettison the helmet, it’s a seamless transition to the work environment or else the local pub.


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