How to Dress When Biking to Work

Almost as effective as a good cup of coffee, and even better when combining the two, the daily commute keeps you sharp when you roll into the office. However, there’s nothing worse than sitting down at your desk with a daunting ‘to do’ list and feeling like you just crawled out of the sauna.

You have work to do, so no sense in wasting precious productive morning hours with showers and a complete outfit change. Why not get the best of both worlds? Keeping your wardrobe looking sharp throughout the day, especially after a healthy commute, is all about choosing the proper attire for the job at hand.

On the way to the office in the Pit Stop Short and Switch shirt.

As commuters ourselves, Club Ride apparel is all about function, eliminating the time wasters, and keeping you sharp on and off the bike. Deceiving to the untrained eye, the Pit Stop Short goes unnoticed as a nice pair of khaki’s, but a closer look at the details reveals the PowerWeave™ breathable fabric and seamless crotch gusset. A comfortable interface between saddle and sit bones as well as proper ventilation allow for a cool and comfortable ride in – and reflective accents keep you visible on the ride back home from an post-work brew.

For the perfect commuter combination, pair the Pit Stop Short with the Switch shirt. It’s crafted from Club Ride’s RideXDry™ fabric, wicking sweat rapidly and maintaining a cool and collected look for the professional setting.

Commuting to work with a smile in the Joy Ride capri and Deer Abby top.

Similar in construction and function to the Pit Stop Short, the Joy Ride capri from Club Ride is the ladies choice for a day on the job or out on the town. The lightweight fabric and articulated knees are great for a long pedal and the form fit will be sure to turn heads. Throw the Deer Abby top in the mix for the best combination of moisture wicking fabric, breathability, and professional style.

With the proper fabrics and cuts to dress the part both on and off the bike, you may just find yourself taking the long way to work or turning on to your favorite trails. Ride daily!