Ambassador | India Wysong

Hometown | Ketchum, ID


After buying a mountain bike in exchange for $200 and a Ralph Lauren jean jacket, India initially picked up biking as a way to explore Vail, CO. Wanderlust eventually moved India to Ketchum where she became a Single Speed National Champion, a title she proudly shared with the women’s cycling team she created, Mud Honey Cycling. Always an advocate for wheel fun on bikes, you can find her in the gym, sweating and singing along to the loud beats in her spin classes, which she jokingly refers to as ‘spin karaoke’. India is just as happy in the backcountry as she is cocktailing on the beaches of N. Michigan, where she was raised. .

Get to know India

/ Where are you the happiest?

"I am the happiest when I am in a position where I can help or inspire people to love a sport that I so enjoy. I created a women’s cycling club in order to inspire and encourage women to feel comfortable on group rides or at a race, no matter their ability level. I love taking the intimidation out of the sport- when that happens, people flourish. "

/ Who or what inspires you?

"I love art (I am an aspiring metalsmith). I love loud colors and loud music. I like funky buildings and big landscapes. Humble people inspire me most. "

/ What is the most important thing in your life?

"Hmm, that’s a hard one. My family, my health and my fitness are the top few things that are most important to me. I make it a point to keep fit with indoor cycling and skate skiing (in the winter months) in case some crazy challenge presents itself. I teach spin at two local gyms and it’s been a fun way to stay in shape throughout the off-season."

/ If I could escape anywhere in the world where would it be?

"There are many places that I would love to go! I could escape with my mountain bike to Mexico in a heartbeat. I’d have the best of all of my favorite things: sun, mountains, my bicycle, the beach, avocados and cerveza!"