Brooke Scatchard

Ambassador | Brooke Scatchard

Hometown | Northern Vermont


Brooke Scatchard is a mountain biker, professional trail builder, backcountry skier, and entrepreneur. He grew up in Vermont with enough woods out the back door to build his first trails and develop a love for ripping around through the trees. Mountain bike racing kept him out of trouble in high school and college, leading to strong connections within the New England riding community. Brooke has founded Sinuosity: Flowing Trails and Fat Bike Skis and lives with his partner Mariah in northern Vermont. Check out more work from Brooke and Fat Bike Skis at

Get to know Brooke

/ Explain more about the bikes you are making....

"Fat Bike Skis is my lifelong passion project that I’m bringing into production. What started as project to keep me on my bike in the winter, before fat bikes were around, has evolved over the years to be the most fun thing I’ve ever ridden. Our first product is a patented front wheel replacement for fat bikes that transforms the handling and feels like a blend of skiing and biking."

/ If you were in charge of the sport, what changes would you make? 

"The best thing I could imagine is chair lift access to some modest terrain at lots of ski areas around the world. To begin with though, I’d expand the growth of groomed flow trails for downhill fat bike riding that’s started in a few pockets around the country. I’d also like to see more snowy backyard hills being tracked up by bikes."

/ What’s your favorite motto or saying?

"Go big or go home."

/ Who or what inspires you?

"People having fun on bikes and being able to contribute to their good times. Also the founders of innovative and successful bike industry startups are inspiring as I’m working to grow my second business."