Ambassador | Devon Balet

Hometown | Grand Junction, CO
Social | Facebook/devonbalet : Twitter@devonbalet : Instagram/devonbalet


/ What is your favorite style of riding?

If I had to categorize my favorite style of riding, it would be trail riding. A ride when you have to earn the ups, but also very much enjoy the downhill. Technical! However, I simply love to be on a bike. I've done multi-day bike pack trips, as well as a regular bike commuter. My passion with mountain biking started on a single speed - now I'm spoiled rotten and have every kind of bike you could imagine. When folks ask why I have so many bikes, I simply reply, "At least I'm not addicted to race cars or rock crawlers."

/ How long have you been riding?

I've been going to bike races half my life, however, I just completed my very first bike race last year - the Breck Epic. I've been to thousands of bike races as a photographer and had never raced. I grew up getting kicked-out of the house to play outside, so the Big Wheel was my gateway to bike addiction and the evolving freedom my bike provided. My bike got me to school and to friend's houses. I started working at a bike shop when I was 14 years old, which paid my way through college and supported me until I started doing freelance photography full-time about four years ago.

/ Any race plans this season?

My one race last year was it! Maybe I'll change my mind...

/ How are you involved in your cycling community?

I'm really involved with cycling photography - working with such national magazines like Mountain Flyer, Dirt Rag, Bike, to name a few. I've had 18 magazine covers and had three published articles published in 2014. My client base continues to expand internationally, too.

Social media is also heavily integrated into my work, with such sites as Pinkbike, Mountain Flyer Magazine and VitalMTB

/ What other activities and sports do you like to do?

/ What is your favorite piece of Club Ride?
The Cross Wind Jacket. Next would be the jeans and any of the shorts. I literally live in Club Ride shorts - they are my go-to clothes!

Where Devon will be this year...

Jan 15-20 | El Paso Puzzler / Video + Photo Shoot | El Paso, TX

Jan 16 | Ride for Reading Book Delivery | El Paso, TX

Jan 21 | Winter Outdoor Retailer | Salt Lake City, UT

Feb 2-15 | Arizona bike pack adventure | Arizona

Feb 26 | Ride for Reading Book Delivery | Arizona

Feb 28-Mar 4 | Echo Red2Red | Echo, OR

May 24-30 | Transylvania Epic | State College, PA

Aug 9-14 | Breck Epic | Breckenridge, CO

Others...Big Mountain Enduro series, Colorado Trail