Ambassador | Dejay Birtch

Ambassador | Dejay Birtch

Hometown | Tucson, AZ


Creator of many great bad ideas, Dejay tends to put a lot on his plate and see if he can clear it all off. To his surprise, he usually pulls it off while only upsetting the people you can't make happy anyway. He uses Tucson, AZ as his most common space for creating such things, but they can stretch out to different locations to be fully produced. It was Port Jervis, NY (his home town) which developed his way of thinking into, it is better to have tried and fail, then to never try at all. Continuing to try many things and to keep creating inspires him, and he hope the things that he creates go on to inspire others. He often think to himself, “I'm pretty lucky, but it stems from taking chances, believing in oneself and putting in the work that results in positive things and good results.”

Get to know Dejay

/ What is your favorite style of riding?

Just putting my leg over a bike and pedaling myself somewhere is my favorite, but there is a catch,...everytime I do it, I just want the ride to be longer and take me to further away places. Sometimes I just have to let the shorter rides let me get lost further in my mind for the FIX."

/ Any race plans this season?

Yeah there are always race plans, Get to a location and toe the line, start out fast and hope to keep the group insight. But sometimes riding a bike takes over and then, there I am riding a bike in the woods hoping to come across some spot that will have some refreshments. Then I eventually find what is called the finish line where I end up thinking about where to start again. Well at least a RACE is a good excuse to go somewhere.

/ Aside from riding, what are your other outdoor passions?

Just being outdoors is a huge passion of mine and getting others to get outdoors is equal. 

/ What is your favorite piece of Club Ride?

It's a pretty good toss up between the Jack Flannel and the Detour jersey. I find myself in those a lot. Spending a lot of time in Tucson the Detour is crazy lite and wicks great and just keeps me cool all day long. The Jack is that perfect layer for the what us desert rats think of as brisk mornings or when the sun finally dips down out of the sky and your headed to refuel after the ride."

Where Dejay will be this year...

May 20-22 | Single Speed European Championship | Slovenia

Aug 6 | Maah Daah Hey 100 | ND

Aug 19-21 | SINGLE SPEED USA | Raystown, PA

Sep 4 | Dakota Five-O | Spearfish, ND

Nov 17 | SandBox ShowDown | Tucson, Arizona

Oct 29 | Erie Eighty | Port Jervis, NY