Ambassador | Dejay Birtch

Hometown | Fort Collins, CO

Social | Instagram/singleswizzler

/ What is your favorite style of riding?

Creator of many great bad ideas, I tend to put a lot on my plate and see if I can clear it all off. To my surprise, I usually pull it off with only upsetting the people you can't make happy anyway. I use Tucson, AZ as my most common space for creating such things, but they can stretch out to different locations to be fully produced. I believe it was Port Jervis, NY (my home town) which developed my way of thinking into, it is better to have tried and fail, then to never try at all. So that has lead me to try many things and to keep creating and that somehow inspires me and I hope the things that I create go on to inspire others. I often think to myself that I'm pretty lucky, but it stems from taking chances, believing in oneself and putting in the work that results in positive things and good results.

/ How long have you been riding?

My first bike race was October 1999 in Oracle, Arizona - The Great Pumpkin.  I've been bike commuting since I was in middle school, living in the woods of New York.  

/ Any race plans this season?

Yes - some Arizona events, 24-Hour events... looking forward to some stage races like Breck Epic.  Other events are El Paso Puzzler, Echo Red-to-Red, Trans Iowa, among others.

/ How are you involved in your cycling community

I host cycling events, work at a local shop, race, participate and host group rides.  I've also developed many relationships throughout the cycling community on a national and international-level.

/ What other activities and sports do you like to do?

/ What is your favorite piece of Club Ride?

The New West jersey.  It's so light and ventilated - perfect for riding in the hottest conditions.

Events where Dejay will be this year...