Ambassador | Alex Brown

Hometown | Southern Maine 

Born in Portsmouth, NH, Alex has grown up in Southern Maine his whole life. Now living in Southern Maine when not woking at the bike shop or spending time with his family, he is riding his bike. Riding has become Alex’s lifestyle. “I’m living the dream for sure," he said after explaining the details to his 12 mile commute through the local trails to get to work every day during spring, summer and fall. His love and passion for the lifestyle of mountain biking has made him the chill, outgoing and fun family guy that is clearly shown through his photos and social media posts.

Get to know Alex

/ Cross Country, Enduro, or else? Why?

If I had to categorize myself as a rider, I’d have to say, “That’s so enduro bro!” I love discovering new trails. That’s the way that I have always ridden my bike. I look at Enduro as a big adventure. Endure the climb to kill the decent. Its weird that I don't mind the climb. Normally, I am swearing at my self the entire climb even though I enjoy the pain, but once I get to the top, typically, the view captivates me for a few minutes, then its all hoot’s and hollering down the trail. I do race Enduro as well. I look at it as a race against myself. One of the thoughts that constantly race in the back of my mind is, “Slow the heck down dude, you've got a little girl and woman to take care of at the end of the day…. So just make it home in one piece!”

/ Lloyd or Harry? (Hint- “That John Denver’s full of sh*t man.”)Why?

Lloyd or Harry? Definitely Lloyd, I’d have to say that I am the one typically with the bad idea and wont give up. Its always that end result that I am after! Once I have something that I know that’s worth chasing, I chase it and chase it hard. Also I definitely pride my self on my ability to make awful and goofy faces. On that note…. “G’day, mate! Let’s put another shrimp on the barbie!”

/ What bikes do you own?

My current stable of bikes is something that I am super stoked on, its full of ponies. I am spoiled for sure when it comes to bikes. I am currently riding (all at the same time) a Transition Patrol, Transition Smuggler, Transition TransAM 29 (set up 27.5+ single speed) and a Transition BLT. They are all custom builds that I am very proud of. Giddy up folks!!

/ Carne asada or pork carnitas?

Well, thats awkward… I am a vegetarian that eats fish. I guess that makes me a pescatarian… So are fish taco’s an option? Because that’s my JAM!